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Overview of our PDF Manual Sets®
About Classic Manuals PDF Manuals - CDs and On-line Manual Sets®
  • All PDF Manuals are Keyword Searchable with linked Table of Contents.
    CDs include a Auto Start-Up Program Specific to Windows Systems.
    Apple and Linux systems can open any PDF file on the CD

  • On-line Manual Set® include the same manuals found on our CD's

  • On-line and CD Manuals are in 100% Search-able PDF Format.

  • Any PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat version 7+ will read a Classic Manuals Document.

  • Classic Manuals philosophy is to retain the familiar and to keep it simple.
    - Only minimum computer skills are required to use our products.

  • Classic Manuals tries to include as many PDF manuals as possible in each Manual Set®.
    - to completely cover the topic of the Manual Set.

  • All Classic Manuals are reproduced from scanned images of the original manual.
  • -The resulting PDF files are Search-able by key word or phrase .

  • Each Manual has a Table of Contents (Bookmarks) with links to major sections 
    - similar to the original manual TOC.

  • Any page can be easily printed in High Resolution

  • Each CD Manual Set® is stand-alone;
    - no software (other than PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat) is required on the computer running the CD.

  • Classic Manuals CDs start automatically in Windows with single click links to every manual in the Manual Set®.
    -(AutoStart is not available on MAC or LINUX)

    -On-line Manual Sets® include a web page (ReadMeFirst.html) file with graphical links
    to every manual in the Manual Set®. (This file is also included with every CD.)

Thank You So Much


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