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Tractor Stuff
Classic Ford 8N Tractor Rebuild
1948 Ford 8n Tractor
Classic Ford 8N Tractor Driving Video
1948 Ford 8n Tractor
Building a Bobcat Snow Plow Blade Mount
Bobcat Plow

Save $$$$ Doing it Yourself
Fix Your Own Garbage Disposal and Save $$$$
Garbage Disposal
Fix a Leaking Toilet
Leaking Toilet
How to Light a Standing Pilot
Standing Pilot
How to Light a Fireplace Pilot with an Internal Ignitor
Pilot Light
Water Leak FLOOD Preventer - Flood Stop
Flood Preventer
BlitzSafe MP3, IPod Adapter Installation in a TSX or Honda
Blitz Safe
IPod, MP3 Pre-Amplifier

Car and Automotive Stuff          
My 1949 Studebaker 2R5 Half Ton Pickup
Studebaker 2R5 Pickup
Exhaust Installation on a Classic Studebaker PickUp
Classic Exhaust Install
89 Silverado Exhaust Installation
89 Exhaust Install
89 Silverado Power Mirrors
Power Mirrors
Built in Aquis Parts Washer
Parts Washer

Fun Videos
Ti Pi Erection
1948 Ford 8n Tractor
Playing With Firecrackers - 1960's 8mm Video
1948 Ford 8n Tractor
Big Jim Sings Streets of Laredo
1948 Ford 8n Tractor
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