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On-Line Manuals Sets®

Procedure for our Online Downloads
  • After you BUY an Online Manual or Mini-Set® your browser will redirect to PayPal for payment.
  • Once the PayPal transaction is complete your browser should be directed back to our Thank You page.
    • Please do not be concerned if the redirect to the Thank You Page does not complete.
    • The Thank You page contains the Download link to the item you purchased.
    • The Thank You page link will be good for only 10 minutes.

  • An immediate e-mail will be sent to your PayPal e-mail containing a 24 hour link to the item you purchased.
  • Simply click on the link and a PopUp window will appear.
    • Select a location on YOUR hard drive to Permanently save the eBook or mini set®.
      REMEMBER the eBook LOCATION on your Hard Drive
    • Click the Save button and the Download will begin.
    • The eBook is good indefinitely once it is stored on your Hard Drive.

  • The download will complete after several minutes depending on your connection speed and the eBook size.
    Click Here for download speed history

  • AFTER THE DOWNLOAD IS COMPLETE, Double Click on the eBook --
    • It will open as a PDF
    • As a ZIP containing several PDF eBooks for multiple manuals and mini sets®
      • The ZIP file can be opened using the Windows Explorer File Manager (as follows)
        In the START Menu click RUN then enter explorer.exe and click on OK.
        Then browse to the where you saved the eBook ZIP file and click on the ZIP file.
      • You can also install the ZIP application (click here)
      • Double click on the eBook PDF files in the ZIP folder to open them.
  • If you encounter any problems Please reply to our e-mail.



 Home   CD Manual Sets®  DownLoad Sets®   All Sets®  HELP